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ACCOUNTRONIC: Electronic Accounting Software House
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ACCOUNTRONIC: Electronic Accounting Software House .... Arabic/English Accounting Systems Software Packages .... by Dr. Sherif Tawfik.


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Welcome to Accountronic & AccountSoft Inc. Arabic/English Financial Accounting System Software site!


Running a business is never easy, but building an effective Arabic/English Accounting Software Package with E-Commerce/E-Accounting Online Processing Feature can often make a huge difference.

Features of Financial Accounting System on PC Software Package (Version II):
  • A menu driven Arabic software based on Windows.
  • Arabic/English data entry.
  • Arabic Pop-up menus.
  • Multiple-Firm accounting system.
  • Name and account number are entered once to the system (only when costructing the chart of accounts for the first time).
  • Crystal Reports.
  • Continuous updating of on screen totals: Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Current Liabilities, Long Term Liabilities, Owners' Equity, Revenues, Expenses, and Net Income.
  • Periodic and perpetual innventory systems.
  • Integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable, and stock modules.
  • Invoicing system based on: invoices, credit notes, cash receipts, customer statements, and stock ledger.
  • General ledger accounts, subsidary ledger accounts, and control accounts.
  • Arabic WinHelp and Arabic HTML Help.
  • Inernet browser incorporated in the system.
  • E-Commerce/E-Accounting Online Processing Feature: The Internet browser in the system can be customized to open your e-commerce site(s) by which your accountant can get your sales orders, then records them online in the system database Electronic Sales Accounts.
  • Displaying and printing  the following financial statements (Crystal Reports): (1) Income statement (at any time), (2) Balance sheet (at any time),  (3) Cash flows statement (at any time), (4) Statement of suggested profit allocations (dividends and income appropriations), and (5) Retained Earnings statement (at any time).

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